Check out what these Sunnyvale community leaders have to say about Russ.

"Russ Melton is a local leader and Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner with a proven track record of solving problems. He doesn't just make promises, Russ comes through and delivers real results."
– Elaine Alquist, California State Senator, Retired

"I support Russ Melton, the most qualified candidate for City Council, Seat #5. With his education, expertise in business finance and solid record of public service, he is prepared to provide the perspective and decisive leadership Sunnyvale needs."
- Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor and former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

"I have worked with both candidates and the choice is clear. Hardworking, civil and effective, Russ Melton is my choice for City Council."
- Glenn Hendricks, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

"Russ and I worked together on the Planning Commission where he proved himself to be diligent, thoughtful, and approachable. He would represent the community well on City Council."
- Gustav Larsson, Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

"Russ Melton has been a great friend to the El Camino Healthcare District over the years and I know he will bring that same community spirit to Sunnyvale City Council. I endorse Russ for Sunnyvale City Council."
- Dave Reeder, Member, El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors and former Los Altos Mayor

"Russ personifies the qualities for which Sunnyvale is widely known and respected. Russ Melton comes to public service because he cares deeply about others and community. He will be an outstanding addition to our Sunnyvale City Council. I am honored to lend my support to his candidacy."
– Pat Castillo, former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale and 2013 Sunnyvale Resident of the Year

"Russ Melton is the obvious choice for Sunnyvale City Council, Seat #5. He has the experience, the knowledge and the collaborative skills to make a positive difference in Sunnyvale's quality of life."
– Melinda Hamilton, former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale and President, Sunnyvale Education Foundation

"Russ represents the next generation of progressive leadership in Sunnyvale, and I'm proud to endorse his campaign."
- Dr. Robin Parker-Cox, former Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

"I have worked with Russ on the Planning Commission for several years and found that his research on issues before us, and thoughtful listening to citizen input, is outstanding. I whole heartedly recommend him for City Council because he has the best interests of all of Sunnyvale foremost in his thoughts."
- Ken Olevson, Sunnyvale Planning Commissioner

"I am pleased to endorse Russ Melton for City Council. He is well-prepared, knowledgeable, open to input -- and unfailingly civil. He believes that steeply reducing our community's greenhouse gas emissions is the right thing to do. Council will be a better place with Russ in Seat 5."
- Barbara Fukumoto, former Sustainability Commissioner

"Russ Melton is best prepared to focus on the needs of Sunnyvale today and in the future."
- Jill Shanmugasundaram, former Chair, Sunnyvale Board of Library Trustees

"Russ understands the issues that mobile home residents face and he will fight for us."
- Gail Swegles, Sunnyvale Resident

"Having seen both candidates in action, the choice is clear. Patrick Meyering is an obstructionist, constantly criticizing and voting no, but with nothing to show for his efforts after five years on the Council. Russ Melton is critical while still being thoughtful. He weighs all sides of an issue and works to reach consensus for the best possible solution."
- Nancy Tivol, Sunnyvale Resident and former Executive Director, Sunnyvale Community Services

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